Fresh & Brackish Water Fish

Cosmic Aquarium offers over 50 different colors of guppy together with a rage of platy, swordtail, molly Angels, Tetra, Barb, Gurami, Betta, wild caught fish and also cold water fish - Goldfish and Carp.

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Marine Fish

We offer a wide range of marine fish and our all marine fish offered are hand caught by divers around the coast of Sri Lanka.

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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants add stability to any freshwater tropical aquarium. They enhance the look of your tank while acting as natural filtration by absorbing nutrients that are toxic to fish.

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Welcome to Cosmic Aquarium


Welcome to Cosmic Aquarium, a breeder and exporter of Ornamental fish and Aquatics plants in Sri Lanka. The company offers a wide range of Freshwater fish, Marine fish and Aquatic plants to the world market together with some Aquarium Accessories.

Our main markets consist of USA ,Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic , Italy, South Korea ,Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and  North African Countries .

Our philosophy, “Nothing is Compromised for Quality” ensures the supply of high quality ornamental fish consistently to the international market. The experienced and trained work force adopts only the best practices in the industry and our stringent processes and systems ensure shipments with consistent quality all the time.

Our effort is to understand our clients needs better than any other supplier in the industry and we are committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest caliber.

Come and do experience the difference by placing a trial order with us for your requirement of Aquarium fish and Aquatic plants.

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